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Childress to get new deal "soon"

Posted on: November 18, 2009 2:32 pm
Edited on: November 18, 2009 2:40 pm
It appears a resolution to the Brad Childress negotiations is in the works and that the Minnesota head coach will gain a new contract in the near future. Sources close to the Vikings said that Childress, who is 8-1 and who has increased the team's victories with each year he's been in Minnesota, will be rewarded with a contract "soon," though they were not specific.

It is unclear what is left to be done, but there are, sources said, no major obstacles left and an announcement is expected.

At $2 million annually, Childress is the lowest-paid coach in the NFC North, but sources said that will change -- with Childress expected to at least double his annual salary. A settlement had been expected by the team's Nov. 8 bye, but negotiations slowed considerably and there was a feeling by last week that nothing might be accomplished for some time. That feeling has changed, so much so that sources now feel confident an announcement could be made shortly.

And one should because Childress deserves to be rewarded. His job was on the line this season, his fourth with the Vikings, and it was common knowledge that he had to win to be retained. So Childress did what he could, sticking out his neck for Brett Favre when there was a question within the organization whether adding him was the right move. Childress argued that Favre would make the Vikings a Super Bowl threat, and at 8-1, they are. The move paid off for the Vikings and, now, it will pay off for Brad Childress.

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Posted on: November 22, 2009 12:58 am

Childress to get new deal "soon"

3rd and 8 + childress = full back screen for 3.

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Posted on: November 18, 2009 10:25 pm

Childress to get new deal "soon"

Well done airmoss. While I'm not sure about Chilly, I DO tend to think that many rubes rip him without really knowing much about the sport or what goes on. I'm not going to rip his play-calling (with the exception of the Dugan call last week) because I've never been an NFL coach. Playing Madden doesn't count either. Plus, I would much rather take the side of someone who has good punctuation (in this case, airmoss). Thank you for using capital letters and periods. Thank you.

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Posted on: November 18, 2009 8:28 pm

Childress to get new deal "soon"

You mean the personnel he brought in, right??? He's a beneficiary of THAT talent???? Hmm.

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Posted on: November 18, 2009 8:27 pm

wiscgc: not sure who that was addresses to...

but let me respond.

I don't believe anyone here, including me, declared Childress a genius or should be unanimously voted Coach of the Year, but this is a question about whether he has earned a contract extension.  The simple answer, based on what is certainly Zygi Wilf's (and in line with every NFL owner) criteria of team improvement both on and off the field, creating a winning culture, and making the Vikings a top-tier team that Minnesotans will want to buy tickets to see and even support a new stadium for, is a resounding YES.

The fact that he has a career winning record at this point after taking over a directionless team with players who didn't give a damn about the team concept is more than a little impressive, but the fact that he has built them into one of the top four teams in the NFL in such a short time is almost remarkable.  Why is it so impossible for you haters to give credit to Chilly for his role as the team General Manager?  I love when he is ripped generically "because anyone could win with a team with that much talent".  OK, so will you at least then give him cretit for putting together this team?  Again, it was Childress who chose to go after Steve Hutchinson, Bernard Berrian, Jared Allen, Chet Taylor, Ryan Longwell, Vianthe Shiancoe, and Brett Favre AND was responsible for the following draft picks during his tenure (ALL STARTERS): Chad Greenway, Cedric Griffin, Ray Edwards, Adrian Peterson, Sidney Rice, Tyrell Johnson, John Sullivan, Percy Harvin, and Phil Loadholt.  There are several other Childress picks that are also contributing backups.  Name a few other NFL head coaches OR General Managers who have done better in the past four years.  He has also done a great job at manageing the team's salary cap and making tough decisions to let players like Matt Birk go because he knew their young replacement (in this case, John Sullivan) could do the job for a LOT less money. 

You are correct about his inability to groom a good quarterback during his tenure prior to Favre is absolutely correct, and it was the clear number one frustration for me and a great many other Vikings fan until this season.  But let's give him credit for recognizing that he failed in this area, made a move to get Rosenfels because he believed his skill set was a good fit for the Vikings offense, then when Favre made himself available, he did everything in his power to make it happen.  I was opposed to the Favre addition (largely due to my skepicism about the health of his right arm), but I was obviously wrong.

Again, you people who are mad because the Vikings offense struggles from time to time need to get some perspective.  Have you watched much NFL this season?  Oh, that's right: you watch all of the highlights and see how well these teams move the ball and seemingly score at will.  Rubes!  I have watched the Colts struggle mightily to get any sort of offensive rhythm going in at least three of their games this season (Jaguars, 49ers, Texans), but I'm sure you'll make some excuse for that.  THE VIKINGS HAVE THE #2 RANKED SCORING OFFENSE IN THE NFL, BUT THAT IS NOT GOOD ENOUGH FOR YOU???  They should be better?  Childress is an idiot?

Lastly, look at the coaches across the NFL and tell me if you think that most of these have done more to command an extension (or even keep the jobs they have with multiple years remaining). 
The following coaches have either done nothing in their tenure or are clearly taking their team in the wrong direction (and these are coaches ONLY, not coach/GM):
 - Eric Mangini
 - Lovie Smith
 - Mike McCarthy
 - Gary Kubiak
 - Jack Del Rio
 - Norv Turner
 - Tom Cable
 - Jim Zorn
 - Jim Mora
 - Wade Phillips
 - Jeff Fisher
 - Dick Jauron (fired yesterday)

Too early to say on these first- or second-year coaches:
 - Jim Schwartz
 - Steve Spagnulo
 - Rex Ryan
 - Raheem Morris (it doesn't look good for this way too inexperienced coach)
 - Mike Singletary
 - Todd Haley

These are coaches that look to be capable, but have not proved it for as long as Childress:
 - Mike Smith
 - Tony Sparano
 - Jim Caldwell
 - Ken Wisenhunt
 - Sean Payton (started in 2006 like Childress)
 - John Harbaugh

These are the elite NFL coaches who have been able to build AND SUSTAIN winning teams:
 - Andy Reid
 - Mike Tomlin
 - Tom Coughlin
 - Bill Belichek
 - John Fox

Sean Payton was named head coach of the Saints prior to the 2006 season, the same year as Childress.  The Saints and the Vikings are now clearly the two best teams in the NFC, yet Payon is considered a genius, and Childress is an idiot?  Are you kidding me?  It wasn't until this year when Payton added defensive coordinator Gregg Williams to his staff that the Saints have done anything.  Do you thing Payton deserves an extension???  I'd be willing to bet that you do.  Did you see the ridiculous mistakes he made a couple weeks ago during the Monday night game against the Falcons?  He called a timeout THEN challenged a play, lost it, and was charged a second timeout - ON THE SAME PLAY!  Should he be fired for this?  Of course not.  But try to be a bit more objective when assessing Chilly's tenure with the Vikes and give him credit where it is clearly due.

My point is that there are only a handful of very solid, proven coaches in the NFL that have done what it takes to deserve a contract extension, and Childress falls into this category.  I'm not suggesting that they start preparing his bust in Canton, but it is clear that he has taken a team that was in shambles and turned them into one of the elite teams in the NFL, both through his coaching AND THROUGH HIS ROLE AS GM.  How many other coaches can you say that about???

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Posted on: November 18, 2009 8:13 pm

Childress to get new deal "soon"

Great post. I completely agree. I would add that if Chili and his staff, especially Bevell, are not retained, chances of one more season with Favre at the helm are slim to none. I'll gladly welcome these coaches back with open arms given the state of the on field product at this time.

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Posted on: November 18, 2009 7:18 pm
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Posted on: November 18, 2009 7:07 pm

Childress to get new deal "soon"

You want facts?

How about waiting 3+ years and never even grooming an acceptable QB, yet he was a supposed genius at doing this?

How about that he only has a 32-25 record, and is only over .500 because of the 8-1 start this year, and has not yet won a playoff game?

How about how the Vikings, even with all those supposed superstars you list, continue to struggle on pass defense and also occasionally struggle against poor teams like Cleveland and Detroit for 2/3 of the game?

How about continuing to call his offense "kickass" over the last 3 years when in truth they struggled in almost every game?

Face it, despite all that talent, the ONLY reason Chilly is getting an extension is that he was lucky enough to have Favre healthy and land in his lap. Otherwise, they'd be in the same boat as last year, and you know it.

Now tell me, Nostradamus, why does he deserve an extension now? They are not even in the playoffs yet, and can easily miss them if someone like Peterson or Favre would go down.

Chilly is one key injury from blowing it again, and yet you think he's worth millions more.

Wow, you'd better get back on your meds.

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Posted on: November 18, 2009 6:58 pm

Childress to get new deal "soon"

Coach Childress is a man of top notch potential.  Ex Eagle coach will lead you to the promised land.  I think if Your pitiful person on again off again (retried)Qb stays healthy you will at least make the title game but will you stop NO Saints is a nother story al together. Brad Childress is a inovater in offense you will see.  Just w/ AP why do anything else, yet.  NFC title game NO v. Minn and i am an Eagles fan.   Minny30  NOSts27 AFC is another beast altogether

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Posted on: November 18, 2009 6:41 pm

Childress to get new deal "soon"

Agreed! Please NO!!! Make sure he actually gets us to a Championship game first.  This is Scary!  What do we do when we are stuck with Chilly and have no Farve.  Back to an offense that allows teams to stack the box!!!  Please be patient before we reward him.  I do appretiate his draft picks and love Wilf's willingness to spend money.  But please not yet!

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Posted on: November 18, 2009 6:07 pm

Childress to get new deal "soon"

Vikings....slow down on this and wait until after the playoffs.  It's very clear that Favre is making such a difference.  T-Jack has proven to not be capable of running their offense and Sage Rosenfals is untested so far.  Before Favre came this season, Childress has steadily improved this team, but I don't think at the pace they should have with the talent on the team.

The offense talent has been great for his tenure in Minnesota and the run defense has been great as well.  His play calling has always been suspect and questionable.  With a very good overall team, Childress has not been able to lead them over that threshold of expectations.

The Vikings should wait to offer an extension.  See what he does with this team.  Since there are so many experienced coaches sitting on the sidelines this year and waiting to get back in next year, take a pause and let the season completely unfold.  It's not like you're on the hook for a huge amount of money if this season sputters out and turns into a overall failure.

I am in complete support of him mainly because there is great hope of this team finally bringing a Super Bowl victory to Minnesota.  Besides that, I could care less if he was purged from the team.


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