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Tressel decision should have come from NFL

Posted on: September 5, 2011 11:25 am

The Colts' decision to stay Jim Tressel's hiring until the seventh game is wise, but it doesn't address the fairness and breadth of Terrelle Pryor's suspension.

Commissioner Roger Goodell suspended Pryor for the first five games, which was OK by the former Ohio State quarterback until his coach was hired by Indianapolis. Then he decided to appeal the decision.

Good. He should. I mean, what's good for one should be good for the other, and Tressel was as guilty as Pryor of wrongdoing at Ohio State and should be similarly punished.

Only he wasn't.

So there was an outcry from the public, and the Colts responded by announcing Monday that Tressel wouldn't start working until the seventh game of the season -- in effect, a six-game suspension for him. Only it wasn't. It wasn't a suspension at all. It was a decision, the Colts said, made by Tressel, with the support of Colts' owner Jim Irsay.

The Colts said they informed the NFL and "expect' that it will be supportive. Well, I'm not. Because it's not the Colts or Tressel who should have initiated this. it's the NFL. The Colts should have done nothing, and let this thing play out.

Because fair is fair, and if Pryor is punished, Tressel should be punished, too. Only I want that announcement coming from Goodell, not Indianapolis vice chairman Bill Polian, and here's why: As it stands now, the suspension appears to pertain to players only for their actions in college, and not coaches.

Yeah, OK, so Tressel sits. But he sits because he says he wants to sit and the Colts say they have no problem with it. Great. So now Tressel has a conscience? Please.

It's hard to believe the NFL didn't have something to do with this decision, but I want it doing more. I don't want Tressel or the Colts telling me he's decided to sit down. I want Goodell telling me he'll make him sit down so we're clear on exactly what rules pertains to whom and when.

I'm still confused. I bet Pryor is, too.

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Tressel decision should have come from NFL

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Tressel decision should have come from NFL

Have to disagree. I'm very ethical, but unlike you am also equipped with a logical and analytical brain process. For the last time, Pryor was not suspended by the NFL for his trangressions in the NCAA. He was suspended because he attempted to manipulate the NFL rules of eligibility by deliberately taking actions that would make him ineligible for NCAA. In effect, Pryor was also twisting the NCAA rules for an advantage in the NFL draft. The NFL could care less about Pryor selling memorabila or receiving free tattoos. That's not why he was suspended. Tressel never had anything to do with the NFL, and all of his baggage was related to NCAA. He never did anything to manipulate NFL rules. There is NO comparison between Pryor and Tressel, except that they were both at Ohio State. That's it. 

The above is by far the best post in this thread.  Everybody should read it and respond to only the above post and nothing else.  And no, Pryor did NOT get suspended for anything he did in the NCAA, he got suspended for trying to manipulate the rules of eligibility when it came to the supplemental draft.  Technically Pryor WAS NOT ELIGIBLE to play in the NFL this season but became eligible when the NFL allowed him to enter the draft.   For the record I don't like the supplemental draft and especially the eligibility rules associated with it,  but that doesn't make a difference.  Rules are rules.... they just signed a new CBA.  If the union wanted to make eligibility changes that would have been the time to get it done. 

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Posted on: September 6, 2011 9:55 am

Tressel decision should have come from NFL

Pryors suspension should be for messing with the draft rules, NOT for what he did or didn't do at OSU.  The supplemental draft is SUPPOSED to be for players that have exhausted eligibility or have some sort of unique hardship.  Lying, cheating and stealing are NOT acceptable reasons for being in the supplemental draft as an underaged player.

FIRST he said he didn't do anything wrong in an effort to stay at OSU.
THEN, he said he did it so that he could be given the chance to be eligible for the supplemental draft. 

Come on.  He messed with the system and that is why he should be suspended.  Those sort of actions need to be discouraged in the future.  His complete lack of regard for any rules whatsoever opens a pandoras box for other low lifes to take advantage of...

It should have NOTHING to do with what he did in college, therefore whatever Tressel did should also have no bearing on his pro career as well...

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Posted on: September 6, 2011 12:03 am

Tressel decision should have come from NFL

Correct me if I'm wrong but I thought the NFL couldn't act on it until the contract was finalized.  In other words, the commish couldn't suspend yet and Indy (Tressel) was proactive.  Good for them.

Now, just about any of us off the street could be successful at this job.  Effectively, Tressel is helping decide whether or not to throw the review flag, right?  Sign me up for 1/10th of what you offered Tressel!  I've never missed a call.

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Posted on: September 5, 2011 11:42 pm

Tressel decision should have come from NFL

Really???  We're knit picking about semantics???

Here is the difference in the two situations.  Terrelle Pryor's suspension had to come from the NFL because he had no team.  The suspension was part of the process he had to go to so that he could enter the supplemental draft and find a team.  Once he entered the draft he became subject to league rules and league discipline.

Tressel on the other hand had a team...He was not under the jurisdiction of the league UNTIL the Colts hired him and not one second before.

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Posted on: September 5, 2011 11:04 pm

Tressel decision should have come from NFL

Enough of this nobility.  Take the job and just do it.  There really is not a comparison here.  Tressel broke a rule in reporting.  He did not take unauthorized payments, and really had no control over what these players did off the field for the most part.  When I played in college, -different sport, there was no way my coach could have prevented me from breaking rules if I had my mind made up to do it. 

The reality of the 5 games Tressel was going to serve at OSU was they were self imposed.  He put the request in, from what whas originally announced as two games.  The two, as it turned out after the NCAA said OSU was not going to be found to lack institutional control, is likely all he would have served.  There is no comparision between what he and Pryor did.  I am tired of this bleeding heart philosophy and don't think Pryor should have any inclination to compare himself with Tressel as even grounds.

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Posted on: September 5, 2011 10:39 pm

Tressel decision should have come from NFL

Mr. Goodell should take a basic supervisory skills class. It always says that you must be firm, but FAIR. He is not fair. He isn't even firm, it would be safer to say that he is soft or maybe a better way to put it is that Mr. Goodell is weak and indicisive when it comes to the tough decisions, but with easy situations, he is quick and decisive.

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