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Lucky Losers: Take Three

Posted on: September 27, 2011 11:13 am
Edited on: September 27, 2011 11:59 am
Now that Indianapolis owner Jim Irsay says Peyton Manning is probably shut down for the season, people want to know what it means for the Colts. I'll tell you what: nothing. The Colts simply do what they've been doing, which is just lose, baby. With Manning down, Kerry Collins sidelined and the Colts staring at 0-3, the next move is clear: Play Curtis Painter. Forget this season, guys, and start working on 2012. I don't know if Painter can win in this league, but I know the Colts have a chance to find out. They have nothing to lose except another game, and guess what: The team that loses more than anyone gets to draft Andrew Luck. Welcome to the party.

5. St. Louis -- The Rams are just stopping by the Lucky Hotel, here for a short visit. I don't see them staying, but there are reasons they're here: Because a difficult schedule, injuries and underwhelming play conspired to make them 0-3. Quarterback Sam Bradford was supposed to rescue them, but he's dealing with his own issues. First of all, he has an injured toe that coach Steve Spagnuolo said he's hoping is "no big deal;" second, he could use a quality wide receiver. The first seven games this season were going to be tough. We knew that. So did the Rams. But when you're in the NFC West it's never over 'til it's over, if you know what I mean.

Next loss: Washington. This is one I think they can win. Remember, it was the Redskins who stopped Detroit's 19-game losing streak. OK, OK, so it was a different coach with different players. Still, they're working on a short week and just lost their first road game. Just saying.

4. Minnesota -- I swear, I'm not sure who wins first -- the Vikings or the Boston Red Sox. Both are in the midst of second-half spin cycles, with opponents outscoring the Vikes 67-6 in the second half this season. Minnesota head coach Leslie Frazier insists he hasn't lost faith in quarterback Donovan McNabb, and good for him. But what about Adrian Peterson? He's the team's best playmaker, yet the Vikings inexplicably forgot about him in the second half of the loss to Detroit -- having him carry the ball five times and calling on Toby Gerhart, not Peterson, on a critical fourth-and-1. Somebody introduce Frazier to his running back, then make them promise to stay in touch during the second half.

Next loss: at Kansas City ... or maybe not. I see a "Get Out of Jail" card in Minnesota's future. Yeah, I know, the Chiefs won their first seven at home last season. They also lost their opener this year by 33 points. I don't know that the Vikings can blow a second-half lead here unless, of course, they start John Lackey ... or Jon Lester ... or Tim Wakefield ... or Josh Beckett ... I think you get the idea. Over and out.

3. Indianapolis -- That was a courageous effort against Pittsburgh but one that failed. Good thing, too. Otherwise, the Colts might have started thinking that maybe, just maybe, they can compete for another division title ... when, of course, they can't. Better to stay in the Lucky Hotel, play Painter and see what tomorrow offers. I know, this isn't a bad team, but it is when Peyton Manning isn't in the huddle. His absence simply underscores how valuable ... or invaluable ... the guy is to Indianapolis. I feel for Irsay. He fought to end the lockout. Now the rest of the league beats up on his football team. Someone asked me Monday if the season was over for the Colts. Are you kidding? It ended with Manning's second surgery.

Next loss: at Tampa Bay. The Bucs are hot, the Colts are not. Check, please.

2. Miami -- Great. Now coach Tony Sparano has the dreaded vote of confidence from an owner who thought so much of his head coach that he flew to California in January to interview Jim Harbaugh for the job that Sparano held ... and still holds, though barely. When owner Stephen Ross flirted with Harbaugh it should have told Sparano something, and that something was hasta la vista, baby. Miami lost 11 of its last 12 home games, its last six overall and can't do much of anything right. Ross promises no immediate changes, but the guy didn't have much conviction in Sparano in January. I can only imagine what it is now. That Oct. 9 bye might take on new meaning for the head coach.

Next loss: at San Diego. The Bolts were lucky to beat Kansas City, so there's hope, Miami. OK, maybe not. Miami went to San Diego the third week of the 2009 season, too, and got drilled -- and that was with a team that won the division championship the year before. Nevertheless, at least Miami has a pulse on the road, and so does its quarterback. Chad Henne is 9-6 there.

1. Kansas City  -- Bad things happen to bad teams, which is another way of explaining Kansas City's oh-so-close loss to San Diego last weekend. The Chiefs might have made it, were it not Matt Cassel throwing a last-minute pass to ... Eric Weddle? Not sure what happened there. But I am sure that's the stuff that goes on when you stink. The Chiefs hadn't committed a turnover that afternoon until then. They have 10 for the season, or four fewer than all of last year. But that was then, when nobody but New England committed fewer. This is now, when nobody has more. People always talk about balance in their football teams, and the Chiefs have it: They rank last in scoring offense and last in scoring defense. Welcome to the canteen.

Next loss: Minnesota. If the Chiefs stay within 10 at the half, they have a chance. That's because the Vikings are balanced, too: They don't show up for the second half at home, and they don't show up for the second half on the road. Look at it this way, Chiefs' fans: Now you have a reason to sit through the fourth quarter. 

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Posted on: September 29, 2011 9:28 am

Lucky Losers: Take Three

The Colts would absolutly draft Luck. They may not keep him but they will draft him. They could get an All Pro DE a 2012 #1 and 2013 #1 for him. 

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Posted on: September 29, 2011 6:25 am

Lucky Losers: Take Three

If the Colts get the first pick, they will not take Andrew Luck.  The only way they would take him is if Peyton Manning retires.  The Colts will know by next April if Peyton is 100%.  If he is, then they trade down.  They will not pay a player big money to sit behind Peyton for 4 yrs and have his contract expire before he even sees the field.  They would be better served to shore up the secondary, O-Line and the D-Line.  Jeff Saturday is probably going to retire after this season, so they have to decide if they already have his replacement, or if they need to draft one.  Last year, they were down to their 5th and 6th string in the secondary, and they have already lost Melvin Bullit again this season.  They need some more depth there.  I would like to see the Colts start drafting some 300+ D-lineman to shut down the run.  That would get Dwight Freeney and Robert Mathis more involved since their opponents would have to try and pass to move the ball.

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Posted on: September 29, 2011 2:09 am

Lucky Losers: Take Three

St. Louis is this weeks Miamia, except Miamia went from "probably not going to be here long" to number two on the list. I know its based on record and not on actual need at the position but to make this list, next guy in line or not to make this list you have to ask yourself if you have the guy on the team or not. 

Does St Louis have the guy? I look at their offense and say yes, Bradford is the guy and this team qualifies as a team that even if they were to land the top pick, which they wont, they benefit from trading out and stock piling picks over starting over. Is Spagnulo safe in a wash of a season? Where have these top picks been going? Their O line is ehhhh ok, they still have Stephen Jackson and hes so good I can overlook him being oft injured. I like the potential of Kendricks at TE and with an elite WR like a Blackmon this team could really gel on offense. Spags is a D coord at heart though and I look at this team and say wow, in two years of influence Spags hasnt changed the dynamic that is this defense sucks and how did OJ Atogwe get away again???

Seattle hardly deserves to be removed from this list. KC hanging with SD is more impressive then the Hawks squeaking one out admist the best homefield advantage in the league against the mighty force that is the... wait for it... Cardinals. If there is a need on this Seattle team it is clearly QB, and WR, and O line, and D line, and cornerback, but i digress, it starts and finishes with QB play and they should throw the season or be prepared to sell the farm for Luck because few have a need like Seattle.

Minnesota strugles from coach that finally got his shot and doesnt want to lose it syndrom. Start Ponder and he fails thats on Frazier but keep starting McNabb and people will be so busy cricifying Donovan they will forget the man with his finger on the button. Having said that, 5 carries for AP in the second half and that Gerhart 4th and 1 business will garner more attention then anything any QB does in Mineapolis.

KC's QB need is contingent on Haley and Pioli, I dont see enough changing to change from Cassel. They keep getting excuses like Weis leaving or Berry and Charles and Moeaki all going down.

Miami, well, wow, is the blame on Henne, I dont know. Marino isnt going to happen any time soon so that considered is it on the QB or the half backs, maybe the lack of tight end play or even the O line. Everyone talks up this defense too and frankly, I just dont see it.

My stand out favorite to be continuously mentioned year long in the Suck for Luck campaign is a team that isnt sucking for Luck, they just suck and Luck could help is the dreary old niners. The Hawks have a great need for Luck but replace luck with "any servicable QB" and the answer remains correct, beyond Seattle and maybe moreso then Seattle, no fit screams Luck like San Fran. 

Last but not least I simply say watch the Redskins. maybe not Luck but Landry Jones or another wild card. Shanahans man was Cutler when he was no one elses. Whos his man this next year because if he had his man, this team can win, Rex is not his man no matter how many times he says he is and you know Dan Snyder is itching to pull the trigger on a move up or a big time draft pick. Remember how fast he got that Brian Orakpo pick in!? 

Since: Aug 29, 2007
Posted on: September 28, 2011 4:20 pm

Lucky Losers: Take Three

As a long suffering Oakland Raider fan, Iam glad to see they have finally eluded lists like this. It may not last, so I am enjoying every minute of it. 

That said, I am surprised that you sparred Cincinnati fans the embarrasment of being here. The Bengals are a mess! Cedric Benson continues to be a distraction, Andy Dalton has been underwhelming thus far, Jerome Simpson is being investigated for possible marijuana possession (2.5 POUNDS)  and they reside in the AFC North. They are headed nowhere fast, and a visit from Buffalo this week will only solidify the obvious: this is a BAD TEAM, starting with ownership, enhanced by a delusional coaching staff and completed with a limited and injured roster.

Since: Dec 1, 2008
Posted on: September 28, 2011 10:29 am

Lucky Losers: Take Three

I think Andrew Luck will be an excellent NFL QB. He has everything you are looking for in a franchise QB. He has the intelligence, arm, size, escapability, leadership qualities, etc. etc. However I do wonder how much better he will be in the NFL than he currently is. He is about as polished as a college QB can be. It makes me wonder if he will ever be elite. The team that drafts Luck will have a franchise QB but I am not sure they will have an elite QB. I think Luck has a limited ceiling. While he will probably be the safest #1 pick ever I am not sure he will ever be able to live up to his hype. I guess only time will tell.

Since: Aug 17, 2010
Posted on: September 28, 2011 7:18 am

Lucky Losers: Take Three

No team needs a QB like the Vikings.  They need to start Ponder and see what he could do.  McNabb is just too freaking old and beat up to play anymore.  Luck is definitely the best QB in college right now with NFL potential, but him going to the Vikings is pretty stupid when they just drafted Ponder.  Colts would be the best place for Luck to go sitting behind Manning for a couple of years if he could come back.

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Posted on: September 27, 2011 9:22 pm

Lucky Losers: Take Three

I am afraid that your label HARDLY desribes a Minnesota Viking team which is closer to UNLUCKY Losers!   Leslie Frazier is single-handedly making Mike Shanahan look like a GENIUS!   Someone should do a "fair and balanced" analysis of what the Vikings' record and statistics would look like (and projected for the season), had the race factor been thrown out and Matt Hasselbeck been hired instead of D McNabb!   Just another Minnesota train many fans like myself were loudly advocating for before AND during the signing period!

Since: Jan 28, 2009
Posted on: September 27, 2011 8:18 pm

Lucky Losers: Take Three

LOL... Glad to see people take Carolina off the list. They found there QB in Cam (even tho no one gave him a but just like last yr someone can come out of nowhere or Luck could get hurt.

And it would be silly for STL 2 draft another QB #1 when you have one that was just a #1 pick. And Minn just spent a 1st rnd pick on a QB why would you draft one next yr??

Since: Jul 29, 2011
Posted on: September 27, 2011 8:07 pm


You didn't mention Rothlsiberger, the winner of a couple rings, and an questioned newly married man after 2 succesful tries at attacking women.  We know that you don't like Peyton or eli and can't stand Tom Brady.  But I'm surprised you didn't mention a successful quarterback suck as Rapistberger.  I think your distaste of QB's warrants a comment about Big Ben.  Also think you'er very hard on Andrew Luck.  He may be the next Ryan Leaf but at least we may get to say "The next Andrew Luck".

Since: Jul 29, 2011
Posted on: September 27, 2011 7:49 pm

Lucky Losers: Take Three

First of all The Rams may lose a few games this year but their not in the running for the services of Andrew Luck.  The Rams have a very good qauaterback in Sam Bradford and a bad offensive team surrounding him.  The Rams will use their early draft pick on an offensive player - most likely a receiver to match up with their young quarterback.  That's how you build a football team.  You don't give up after two seasons on your number one pick you build around your number one pick.  The Rams are still young, OK Steven Jackson is getting older, but he can still produce for at least one to two years.  A complimentary running back to take his place in the future can be drafted in the 2nd, 3rd round.  The Rams will and need to build around Bradford.  Sounds like The Colts after they drafted Peyton Manning. 
Now all this talk about Andrew Luck going to Indy.  I can see that happening!  Peyton will be back next year and Andrew luck can learn from one of the best quarterbacks to ever play in the NFL.  Sounds like a win win for two teams that have talent but are struggling this year to build for thier futures.

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