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Posted on: May 29, 2009 5:29 pm
Edited on: May 29, 2009 10:52 pm

Rams' Devaney reached out to Vick

The St. Louis Rams aren't interested in Michael Vick, but their general manager is -- and that might need some explaining.

Billy Devaney visited Vick in prison roughly 5-6 months ago but not to gauge his interest in playing football again; he did it, as he said, for "purely humanitarian reasons." Devaney, who worked with Vick while the two were in Atlanta, checked with Falcons' owner Arthur Blank before making the trip to see if it was OK. Once Blank gave his permission Devaney went to see the quarterback, spending two hours with him just to see how he was doing. "It wasn't an under-the-covers type of deal," said Devaney. "I went with Arthur's blessing. He asked about a couple of players and wanted me to say, 'Hello.' It wasn't anything like the Michael trying to do anything with the Rams."

The Rams have made it clear they are not interested in signing Vick if and when he is released by Atlanta, and they are not alone. At last week's NFL owners' meetings I couldn't find one team that expresed interest in taking a flyer on the guy. I do, however, give Devaney credit for doing what he thinks is right, which is to re-connect with a player he once knew, who once carried the club for which Devaney worked and who might have wanted to see a familiar face. That he spent two hours with Devaney seems to be proof that Vick not only appreciated the GM's concern but enjoyed his company.
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