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Posted on: August 2, 2011 4:28 pm
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Frazier, Vikes show McKinnie who's boss

It's unclear what forced Bryant McKinnie's release: His physical condition or his salary. My guess is that both forced coach Leslie Frazier's hand, and Frazier acted swiftly. The Vikings cut the former Pro Bowl left tackle Tuesday afternoon.

"This decision, while not an easy one, is in the best interests of our football team as we move forward preparing for the season," Frazier said in a prepared statement.

Frazier's comments would seem to support the idea that McKinnie's exit is addition by subtraction. McKinnie showed up in such poor shape that he was placed on the Non-Football Injury list and not allowed to practice. That didn't help his cause. Neither did his $4.9 million salary nor his reported failure to take a pay cut.

If you're a first-year coach putting together a club it's important the players understand who is in charge -- and it's you, not them. Maybe McKinnie didn't get the message. He has now.


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Posted on: July 28, 2011 8:21 am
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Look for Steelers to make moves

We haven't heard much from the Pittsburgh Steelers lately. But expect them to swing into action Thursday when league waivers begin.

That's because the Steelers have to massage their salary cap, and I use that term politely. According to an NFL exec who knows, the Steelers are approximately $10 million over the $120 million cap for this season. Oakland is another club that is over the cap, but it's the defending AFC champions that are the more intriguing -- just because it's the club that stands for stability and success.

"They're going to have to start cutting some guys or rearranging money," our exec said.

Apparently, they've already starterd. Reports out of Pittsburgh have tackle Max Starks among the first to go.

"You can always find ways to massage the cap," the exec said, "and the Steelers will do it. The interesting thing about them, though, is that they always seem to do what they have to do to create room quietly."

That might change Thursday.

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Posted on: July 26, 2011 5:07 pm
Edited on: July 26, 2011 5:09 pm

Williams' release says more about Dez

The Cowboys' release of wide receiver Roy Williams says more about Dez Bryant than it does Williams, and what it says is that the club is willing to gamble that the guy has straightened himself out.

Williams was the safety net against the next Bryant pratfall. If Bryant were hurt or screwed up off the field, Williams would be there to step in and be accountable. Only now he won't. Which means it's up to Dez Bryant to reward the Cowboys for their faith in him.

The first-round draft pick was hurt twice as a rookie, including a broken ankle that ended his season, and he was a hot topic of debate during the lockout -- with former advisor Deion Sanders so concerned he called on Bryant to hire "a no man, somebody who is going to tell you 'no,' and somebody who is going to tell you the truth."

Sanders also said he had cut his "umbilical cord" with Bryant because "it's hard to talk to a person when they have millions because there is so much noise in their life."

Well, the Cowboys didn't cut anything but Williams, a move that should have alerted Bryant that they -- and this is no misprint -- trust him to do the right thing, be a good teammate and be a productive player. Bryant is the team's second-best receiver, right there behind Miles Austin, and with this move the Cowboys put him on notice that it's time to deliver.

No longer will Williams serve as the next-best option. Now, that job belongs to Kevin Ogletree and Sam Hurd, which only accentuates the importance of Bryant doing something immediately. It also underscores what team owner Jerry Jones was trying to say in May when he told reporters he "was not concerned" about Bryant.

He meant what he said, and he said he thought that "Dez has accountability right now, not only within himself but to his teammates." We'll see. All I know is that he and the Cowboys are giving him the chance to prove it.

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