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Posted on: October 14, 2008 6:00 pm
Edited on: October 14, 2008 6:44 pm

Roy Williams traded to Cowboys

I give the Roy Williams deal two thumbs up, which means I think it benefits both teams.

Detroit is in the process of blowing up the building and starting all over. Williams is a first-round talent who wasn't happy about being with the Lions and wanted to go to Dallas when he became a free agent after this season.

So the Lions gained something for him while they could, and what they gained were first, third and sixth round draft picks, and that's decent compensation for a guy who wasn't helping them anyway.

The rumor was that this trade was close during this year's draft but that then-president and CEO Matt Millen blocked it. Well, Millen is gone, and so are the Lions' hopes of doing anything this season.

So build for the future with draft picks.

The question, of course, is what they do with those draft choices, but at least there's hope with a new GM. For the record, the Lions had four top 10 draft choices from 2002 through 2005. One was a quarterback, three were wide receivers and all of them are gone.

That is no way to build a franchise. Starting over is, and the Lions' tear-down project began today.

As for Dallas, Williams gives them a legitimate threat opposite Terrell Owens and will make it difficult for opponents to defend their passing game. Take your pick of Owens, Jason Witten and Williams, and tell me whom you want to double.

Now, add to that picture the prospect of defending Marion Barber and (when he returns) Felix Jones, and, suddenly, the Cowboys have weapons galore. Williams should make Owens more dangerous because he will draw some of the coverage that, otherwise, might have tilted in T.O.'s direction.

Plus, he's young (he hasn't turned 27), is from Texas and desperately wants to play for a team that matters. The Cowboys matter, especially to a young man who grew up watching them.

"If there's a question," said one NFC coach, "it's with the chemistry. Owens and Witten have it. So how long does it take for them to get it with Williams? And how do they keep everyone happy? If Patrick Crayton or Miles Austin don't get passes it's not an issue, but it could be if they're not throwing to Williams."

Maybe. But that's a problem I'm willing to live with if I'm Wade Phillips.

Williams was expected to join the Cowboys if and when he became a free agent, but Dallas couldn't take that chance. For one, Detroit could have made him its franchise player; for another, another suitor could've offered him a richer contract.

Dallas had a conviction about him, and he had a conviction about the Cowboys. It was situation that was too appealing not to happen. Credit Dallas for making a trade that makes it better now and for the future.
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